High bandwidth
satellite connection



Accessing a satellite in orbit should be as easy as accessing a webservice.
That's why we are developing the infrastructure necessary to provide a state-of-the-art TLS-secured TCP connection to your satellite in LEO!

Our Service

Satellite communication systems

We are building a worldwide network of satellite ground stations, supporting your missions in the Low Earth Orbit with bidirectional communication up to X-Band, and satellite operation services. For systems without an out-of-the-box support, our platform allows an easy integration of any signal modulation scheme or communication protocol within the signal chain.
We can act as a realtime streaming source that connects your satellite directly to your systems, or in delayed processing mode, with realtime streaming only for TT&C and delayed download of payload data for slower internet connections.

UHF, S-Band and X-Band support

Up- and Downlink

Low-latency streaming

Satellite operation

Our hardware

Antenna System

High-gain S-Band and X-Band antennas with at least 5m diameter and custom feeds make the difference. They allow for high SNR and to receive satellites transmitting with very low power. Our locations permit elevations down to at least 5°.
We design our stations for a maximum of usable contact time and high data rates.

Our hardware

SDR Back-End

The SDR stage runs on powerful hardware right next to the antenna. High bandwith transceivers (200 MHz per channel) supporting full duplex operation, Gigabit Ethernet, powerful CPUs, large RAM capacity and fast SSDs allow for real-time signal processing.

Our specialities

Quality antennas

We use high quality antennas from reliable manufacturers. They provide high precision tracking and rotation speed ideal for operating constellations. Quality feeds with high gain enable high SNRs and long contact times. Weatherproof pedestals and mounts allow operation even under harsh weather conditions.

Software interface

We are also software developers. Whether it is a library or an interface - we love things that are well designed and easy to use. That's why we are working hard to provide the best interface possible to our antenna systems.
A big variety of state-of-the-art modulation schemes and coding mechanisms are already available for you to use. Our goal is to support most satellites out-of-the-box. Your satellite might already be compatible!

Data privacy

Your data is your asset. And it needs to be protected. That's why all data transfer is secured by TLS.
We offer a service to implement the signal chain for your satellite, but there are also reasons to keep things private and handle everything by yourself. Therefore we also offer a way for you to run your signal chain as black-box.

Solid customer support

Your success is our success. Our goal is to make things run smoothly, both technical and business-wise.
We also offer support and service handling the frequency regulation bureaucracy for you at all our locations.

Antenna locations


Meet the team behind 2BCOM Space


We started with a small team at the Technical University of Berlin.


2BCOM Space finally launched!


Ground segment in Germany is fully operational.


We are going to expand our ground station network.

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2B up to date


Launch sequence initiated!

Today, Tobias, Stefan and Eric finally signed the contract to found our company 2BCOM Space GmbH in Berlin!

Meet us at the Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 in Bremen!

We are going to attend the Space Tech Expo 2019 in beautiful Bremen and we are happy to meet you there!

Interested in our services?

If you are interested in our services or in a cooperation, please let us know. We are happy to explore opportunities and keep you up to date. All enquiries are none-binding but will secure you a pilot customers discount once we are ready and can go live with your project.

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Financial supporters

2BCOM is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.