Satellite Communications

Delivering high performance SDR solutions.

The efficiency of algorithms is a critical factor when there is a lot of data to be processed. Software-Defined Radio (SDR) is such an application. Processing a satellite downlink signal requires a significant amount of mathematical operations. Our mission at 2BCOM Space is to make SDR Software become an alternative to hardware solutions, thus lowering the costs for ground station equiment and increasing the flexibility at the same time.



Accessing a satellite in orbit should be as easy as accessing a webservice.
That's why we are developing solutions for networked, fast and secure satellite access and operations!

Our Service

SDR Satellite Communication Systems

We are developing solutions for networked ground stations, supporting your missions with bidirectional communication and satellite operation services.

Easy to set-up.

Easy to use.

Updated with a steadily growing number of supported modulation schemes, our solution can keep up with your growing satellite fleet and future requirements.

Our software platform allows for easy integration of custom signal modulation schemes or communication protocols within the signal chain via plug-in architecture in case your system is not supported out-of-the-box or if you wish to extend the functionality yourself.

QPSK, 8PSK, 16PSK variants and growing

Up- and Downlink

Low-latency streaming

Satellite operation

Our hardware

COTS Components

Our SDR software is designed to run on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. By optimizing signal processing algorithms for speed, we push the limit further what SDR can do.

Our hardware

SDR Back-End

The SDR stage runs on powerful hardware right next to the antenna. High bandwidth transceivers (200 MHz per channel) supporting full duplex operation, Gigabit Ethernet, powerful CPUs, large RAM capacity and fast SSDs allow for real-time signal processing.

Our specialities

SDR Software

We have a strong background in software development. We love things that are well designed and easy to use. And that are fast! That's why we are working hard to provide the best SDR interface possible to your antenna systems.
A big variety of state-of-the-art modulation schemes and coding mechanisms are already available for you to use. Our goal is to support most satellites out-of-the-box. Your satellite might already be compatible!

Solid customer support

Your success is our success. Our goal is to make things run smoothly, both technical and business-wise.
As our customer, you are directly supported by our development team without any call-center in between. You need a feature - we implement it! And if you discover a bug - we fix it!
We also offer support and service handling the frequency regulation bureaucracy for you at all our locations.

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