Although a young company, our team at 2BCOM Space has over 100 years of working experience! Many of us have witnessed the development of modern computers and various software techniques from the very beginning. Our experience goes back to the 90s, where we started learning how to code while still in school. We grew up with C64s and 386 computers, have seen linux and the world wide web appearing, took the first multi-core processors to the limit with parallel code for machine learning and built modern user interfaces.

We are driven by curiosity and the will to learn and understand how things work. This is the reason why we can offer a wide range of software development services - concept and design, low-level-code or web services.

We don't have to rely on frameworks and can thus reduce dependencies that often cause trouble in the long run.

Software Development

Software is our passion. We love to solve hard and new problems and do things we've never done before. It has always motivated us and often inspired us to try unconventional solutions. This is how we learn and how we believe progress is made.

We are ready to support your mission in space and on the ground.

  • concepts, software design and system architecture
  • implementation and testing
  • satellite system software
  • mission control and signal processing solutions


Many roads to take. Our development team is made up of people with different professional engineering background and experience. This allows us to work with a variety of tools, many modern technologies and to deliver high quality solutions.

  • Unix/Linux
  • C/C++
  • Qt, CUDA
  • digital signal processing, SDR
  • high performance algorithms, optimization and parallelization
  • asynchronous systems

How we work

With proven experience in almost every modern programming language (and a few older ones, too), we always select the best tool for the task at hand.

Depending on the project requirements, we select the appropriate management method from well established standards such as SCRUM and ECSS.

Our quality management process is implementing ISO 9001/9100 standards in preparation of future certification.

For our customers we answer inquiries within 24 hours.


Sustainability through software? The answer is yes! Because an efficient code requires less resources to run. Depending on the scenario, there are multiple benefits:

  • it reduces the power consumption of the CPU and GPU.
  • It runs good on slower, older and cheaper hardware.